Gagetown Prayer/Study Group

I hope this week went well for you and that this weekend is safe and in God’s love and that God’s face shines upon you and that you glorify God by spreading His word. He loved us so much He sent His only son to die for US, so let’s show our love for Him by telling others of that beautiful gift!

Well, we are going to call this part; Jesus, friend of sinners.  Reading Luke 19:1-10 and focus on Luke 9-10. This passage tells us of the story of Zacchaeus. You recall the story?

In those days tax collectors were like mafia and he worked for the Roman oppressors. He took money from his own poor Jewish brothers and gave it to the Romans. So ask yourself: did Jesus really hang out with those kinds of people? He did! He didn’t avoid prostitutes, terrorists, thieves and many other types of sinners. Why? Because Jesus was for the people and it wasn’t the people who killed Him. It was the church of that day, the religious leaders of the law who killed him. So we must not keep Jesus and his message of salvation from the people either.

The most important thing to remember is that Christ died for sinners like us and Zacchaeus. Some may wonder why people don’t want to become Christians. It’s because they look at us and they may not (or don’t) see the joy of the Lord in our lives… they don’t see evidence of a new beginnings the gospel speaks about.

Zacchaeus had a new beginning on the day that he met Jesus. So I ask you all: are you living in the joy of your new beginning? Glory be to God!!  ….  Amen!

Verse of the day… ( go look at the link!
For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost. Luke 19:10
He is the Redeemer of the world, who died for sinners, the One who is the Soon-coming King!

Blessings All!
Have a Great Day!
Keep your head up! GOD gives his hardest battles to his strongest SOLDIERS… 
So as we go through our day let us go out to help and to care for all that need it, in Jesus’ name…Amen!
Jimmy ;o)