Capt (Ret’d) Anton Topilnyckyj (Prayer Coordinator)

I am married to my childhood sweetheart and together we have grown to realize how God’s grace and mercy works in marriage. We have four children and so far, seven grandchildren. We have felt blessed to be part of the military and know God will use both our personalities and characteristics to share His hope with our serving and retired brothers and sisters and their families.

I joined the universal green forces in 1974 as a Supply technician thinking I was actual Air Force. However upon arrival at 4 Combat Engineering Regiment in Lahr Germany, the Regimental Sergeant Major ceremoniously removed my wedge cap from my head indicating I would no longer need it. Accepted into the university training plan while in Germany, I attended RMC and served as an Army Logistic Officer until an injury forced me into retirement. My last favourite posting was my last because, as an Ammunition Technical Officer, my platoon and I would blow up our frustrations every Friday afternoon on the demolition range.

I accepted Christ in 1979 while in Lahr Germany attending my first bible study. A military brother guided me to an understanding of Jesus and God grabbed a hold of me and never let go. My relationship with God had been touch and go for as long as outwardly I appeared to be a believer, yet inside I was still serving my own idols. I woke up in 2003 and began to sense God had something for me to do. As I grew in my relationship with Christ I was led back to the MCF, where I am blessed to be part of a team that reaches into the military community.