Christmas Greetings for Canadian Troops

The Military Christian Fellowship is initiating again this year a Christmas Card send off to Canadian Troops deployed over Christmas. The MCF had the opportunity last year to participate with a local Ottawa Church in our mission to bring the good news of Jesus to our military community during the Christmas Season.  We ask that your church join us in 2019 and would enthusiastically participate by writing notes of encouragement and thanks in gospel-centric Christmas cards.

When someone serving in our Canadian Forces are deployed over Christmas, this becomes a very trying time for them and to receive a prayer card from someone in Canada can be truly encouraging.  Shared with us is a testimony from Jazmine as she served oversees away from her family: “I cannot fully describe the sensation of receiving Jesus’ love that I experienced in that moment, upon hearing that the woman––unknown to me––was thanking me for my service and praying for me. I realize now how hard I had been working to keep up a tough (false) persona all those months, because I clearly recall how my heart softened so much in that moment that I nearly cried. For a few brief moments, the Spirit carried His love straight to my core”.

In 2018, CFB Trenton informed us that not since the Afghan conflict had they witnessed such an incredible response from the public to inundate the troops with Christmas mail. We are so pleased to have been part of this initiative of support and many of our deployed members received the message of Christ. We ask you to participate with us this year to do the same.

Encourage your church to participate, contact the MCF office and we will provide you with more details on how to proceed.

Family Life weekend getaway.

A Weekend Getaway is a marriage conference uniquely designed to enrich your relationship.

For most couples it’s a chance to reconnect, re-establish the foundation and rekindle romance.
For others, it’s a fresh start. For some, it will be the weekend that saves a marriage.

Wherever you’re at in your relationship, this retreat is a weekend to remember. The atmosphere is relaxed and warm, even fun.
You’ll hear from real couples doing real life together… God’s way. You’ll be given time to process what you’re learning.
And together, you’ll make a plan for a marriage that lasts a lifetime.
There is a military discount for these weekend, please provide information at time of registration.

Below are a few options of the Weekend getaway you can register for.

Go to to see  more options.


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Col (Ret’d) Gerry Potter (President)

I am married to an amazingly patient and fun lady and together we have raised three children: a daughter who is married, and two sons one of whom is also married. I also have one grandchild, and as of this writing, with two more on the way.

I served in the Canadian Forces for 35 years as both an operator and as a staff officer and I have enjoyed a diverse number of postings across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Afghanistan. Since, retiring from the Military I have provided consulting services to a variety of commercial, and international government clients.

While serving Canada a military officer I also served the church in leadership positions in most locations where I was posted. I came to faith in Jesus when I was 26 years old and the Lord placed in me a hunger to know and serve Him that has guided my every decision. Currently, I am enrolled in a Masters of Theology program at Heritage Seminary.


Capt (Ret’d) Anton Topilnyckyj (Prayer Coordinator)

Married to my childhood sweetheart, together we have grown to realize how God’s grace and mercy works in marriage. We have four children and, so far, seven grandchildren. We have felt blessed to be part of the military family and know God has used both our personalities and characteristics to share His hope with our serving and retired brothers and sisters and their families. In addition to responsibilities with the MCF, I am presently serving in Miramichi New Brunswick as the pastor of Miramichi Wesleyan Church.

I joined the universal green forces in 1974 as a Supply technician thinking I was Air Force. However, upon arrival at 4 Combat Engineering Regiment in Lahr Germany, the Regimental Sergeant Major ceremoniously removed my wedge cap from my head indicating I would no longer need it. Accepted into the university training plan, I attended RMC and upon graduation served as an Army Logistic Officer and Ammunition Officer until an injury forced me out. I remained a member of the DND as a Human resources Officer serving the Nay in Halifax until my call to the Miramichi area.

I believe in the necessity and power of prayer. I have witnessed lives transformed, broken spirits calmed, and hope found by the broken because they chose to speak to God and listen for His response. We believe in the mission God has given the MCF which is to take the Good News to our military community. I encourage you to find a way to reach out to our military family and bring the light into their lives.

Grey Cup Breakfast 2019 (Calgary)

Football Fans in the military community, you are invited!!!

The Grey Cup Breakfast is a fun filled, entertaining event produced by Athletes in Action for over 30 years.

Each year the breakfast features CFL players and coaches. Over the years, speakers have included Henry Burris, Kenyon Rambo, Anthony Calvillo, Kerry Joseph, Wally Buono, Michael “Pinball” Clemons and other CFL stars.

The Grey Cup Breakfast provides photo opportunities with the Grey Cup itself, prizes and local entertainment. However, the element that makes the breakfast so unique is the fact that the players share not only football stories but also their life stories. Attendees are given a rare glimpse into the men behind the uniforms. As part of their presentations you will also hear how their faith in Jesus Christ has impacted both their professional and personal lives. The combination of professional, personal and spiritual elements ensures the sell-out of this event each year.

WHEN: Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 | 8:00AM
WHERE: Big Four Roadhouse, Stampede Park
ATTIRE: Civilians – Business casual.

Members of the military community can contact the MCF office for more information.

This breakfast sells out every year:

Members of the military community can contact the MCF office  for more information.



We resumed our normal programming on September 15th and onwards for 2019/2020 so please mark your calendars.

We are extremely excited about the year to come as we are planning to spend time in fellowship and worship every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Our time together starts at 17:30 hrs for potluck (Bring what you want to eat + enough to share with others).

Worship time starts at 18:30 hrs and officially ends at 20:00 hrs yet we welcome people to stay, pray and fellowship for a while longer.

We are very grateful for all the prayers and participation of our last season.  It has been a marvelous year of ministry here at Borden and we are continually amazed and thankful to be able to join God in all that He is doing here.

Hope many can come and experience the love of God through our time together.
Padre Darren Milley

Chaplain, CFB Borden
Canadian Armed Forces

Major Kevin Davis (Secretary)

It is a true honour to serve in our nation’s military in uniform.  Equally so, I am proud to serve on the leadership team of the Military Christian Fellowship (MCF) where I find my vocation and my ministry passions intersect.

Joining the Canadian Armed Forces in 2004 while enrolled in a theological studies program, my decision was by all appearances an impulsive one.  In fact, I recall the recruiting officer assuming I was enrolling as a Chaplain, only to realise I had no idea what occupation I wanted to apply for!  Though my heart was yet far from God at that time, His divine providence was clearly at work in guiding my steps into what has been a rewarding and challenging career in the Army as a Logistics Officer.

My desire to serve with the MCF is born out of my own experience of wandering for many years in search of success and ultimate meaning while confronted by the pain, struggle, and failures of everyday life. Existential questions led me back to the Bible, while the miraculous intervention of God in my life led me to believe and trust in Jesus Christ.  It is my desire to share the HOPE, JOY, and PEACE that I have found in Him with those whom I am privileged to serve alongside.


How can you pray for our deployed military’s family?

Many prayers are directed to our deployed military personnel, and that is so great, but it is equally important to pray for their loved ones at home. Here are thoughts to consider when praying for military spouses and children:

Pray…for the home front spouse

  • That they would trust God and that they would be firmly rooted in Christ and the Word of God and draw strength from Him.
  • For joy, hope, endurance, strength, patience, protection and safety.
  • Pray against fear, loneliness, fatigue, despair, depression.
  • That support would be present when needed, that friends, family, co-workers, neighbours would rise up and extend assistance and encouragement.

Pray…for their marriage

  • For loyalty and commitment in their marriage, and that their relationship would have trust.
  • That their love would grow stronger during the time apart.
  • Pray against temptation or inappropriate relationships.
  • For a healthy way to fill the hours left empty that would have been spent with their spouse.

Pray…for their children

  • That the spouse at home would be strong for their children and would have wisdom and discernment in parenting.
  • That children would learn how to cope with the deployment (fears, anxieties, sadness) and learn how to express themselves.
  • That schools would be understanding and helpful.

And keep praying following the deployment!

  • Pray for the time of re-integration. After the happy reunion, the period of adjustment can be tough.  the whole family has been affected/changed by the deployment.
  • It may be a time of dealing with unresolved issues.
  • The deployed parent needs to fit back into the home that has been managed independently without him/her for a period of time.  Parental/spousal responsibilities may shift.

Rob Parker – Council member

Rob Parker is the founding director of the National House of Prayer, located in Ottawa Canada.  NHOP was established in 2005 with the mandate originating from 1 Timothy 2:1-3. Rob’s desire is to mobilize informed, focused, and sustained prayer for Canada and its leaders. Rob has a strong preaching and teaching gift joined with a pastor’s heart for God’s people.

The National House of Prayer hosts prayer teams of all ages representing the Christian church from across Canada. Rob is passionate to see intercessors and prayer movements from across Canada linked together, thus increasing the level of spiritual authority.

Rob and his wife Fran were Pastors for 15 years in British Columbia before establishing the work of the National House of Prayer in Ottawa.