AMCF Week of Prayer

January 20 to 26, 2019

As we go through 2019 may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all

This is a brief reminder to us all that the AMCF North American Region’s annual Week of Prayer will, as in years past, be held during the last full week of January, from 20 – 26.

Here are some of the events that will occur during the AMCF Week of Prayer and needs for prayer.

  1. The launch for the WOP is currently planned in Jamaica with a massive sunrise service for the entire force with the commander of JDF attending.
  2. Col Ron Huggler and his wife Sue, the ACCTS staff members for the Caribbean, will be visiting some of our nations during the Week of Prayer.
  3. I (Nestor Ogilvie) will be visiting Suriname and Guyana with a brief stop in Trinidad during the Week of Prayer.
  4. Other events are being planned, more information will be posted in the following weeks.

We would encourage everyone in the MCF of Canada to join the AMCF during this Week of Prayer.

  • Pray to help launch the AMCF, the forces and the Nations of the region into 2019 under the blessings and protection of our Lord Jesus.
  • Pray for the effectiveness of all MCFs of the region.
  • Pray for the salvation of all uniformed persons and their families.

Nestor A Ogilvie, Lt Col (retd.)
North American Region