07 November 2015

MCF members and associates, the 7th of November 2015 has been selected as the timing of this year’s AGM.  Please consider being part of this meeting.  Mark your calendar.  Your participation is important as we forge together the future of the MCF.  The meeting will start with dinner at 17:30.  For those unable to join us for dinner, the AGM will begin at 18:30.  If you are joining us for a pizza dinner, please rsvp the office. This would be a great time to fellowship with other members of the MCF.

Location will be at the Greenbelt Baptist Church, 839 Shefford Rd in Ottawa East end.  We ask that you consider and pray about coming to Ottawa and join us for this informative meeting.  If this is not possible, we welcome your comments and recommendations.

2014/15 have been significant years of transformation for the MCF as we have focused our attention on being relevant to the men and women of the Canadian Forces and their families.   The MCF faces exciting new possibilities and everyone with whom we have had contact in the past few years have been sincerely encouraging about these opportunities. Good progress is being made; and 2015 has brought much reassurance to the leadership.  Everything we do is to glorify and honour our Lord.  We ask that you continue to keep us in prayer as we prepare for and conduct this meeting.  Should you need additional information, please contact Nicole Lalonde at the MCF Office or call 613-422-8458.

As can be appreciated, it is critical that many participate and I pray that the evening schedule will be on your calendar and we will see you there. 

If you wish to support the MCF financially, please follow the link to:  CanadaHelps

Everyone is welcomed

May God bless you and keep you,

Until All 

Gerry Potter

Colonel (Ret’d)