This year’s annual general meeting (AGM) is scheduled to take place on 16 February commencing at 1:00 pm Ottawa time. I am particularly excited for this year’s AGM for three reasons. First, I will report to you on the activities of the MCF over the past year, which have been significant. Second, I will present to you the MCF ministry plan that is a product of the MCF’s planning methodology referred to a “pray & plan.” Third, for the first time in the history of the MCF, members of the MCF, no matter where they live or where they are at the timing of the AGM, will be able to join in the meeting, as long as they are connected to the internet.

In this notice I would like to highlight my third reason for my excitement.  Since stepping into the role of President I have been concerned that our efforts to build a sense of unity across the MCF membership was frustrated by the geographical reality that Canada is big.  Our membership stretches across Canada and even internationally. So, building a sense of camaraderie and enabling members and comradesto participate in the activities of the MCF has been difficult. The MCF has been characterized by a lack of unity of effort and concentration of force, two important principals of operations. However, over the past year, I along with members of the MCF executive and War Room teams have been trailing teleconferencing applications.  Granted, teleconferencing isn’t new, but the tech support and funding required to conduct events has been too much for the limited resources of the MCF to afford. Also, the quality of what was available was not sufficient to support our needs.  This has changed.  For this year’s AGM we will use the application called “ZOOM.” This application will permit you to join the MCF AGM, to participate either through chat or voice, to view presentations that will be given and allow members to vote on accepting the ministry plan, the budget, and the appointment of new leaders.  All from the comfort of where ever you choose to be at the time of the meeting.  Again, the only condition is that you have internet access.

I am excited for this year’s AGM.  The MCF has enjoyed a good year of progressive ministry.  The results of our process of praying and planning has yielded exciting results for the coming year and years.  And, for the first time, attendance at the MCF AGM is available for all without associated travel arrangements and costs.  I look forward to meeting with you at the MCF AGM on 16 Feb.

***Only members of the MCF will be given the right to vote at the AGM. Please confirm your membership by contacting the office.

Equip & Engage

Gerry Potter

Colonel (Ret’d)