WEEK 9 – Leaders

Wonderful God, today I bring you the rulers of the nations — Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers — all who are in positions of leadership. I know I may be can be quick to criticize. I know that on most issue I have the luxury of withholding judgment, of not committing myself, of sitting on the fence. Even when I have an opinion it has little influence and seldom any consequence. I know this is not so with our leaders. O God, help them in the loneliness of their decisions. Put wise counsellors around them. Help them see how good right decisions are and where decisions must be made that are not in their own interest, deepen their sense of duty. Continue to draw them to your light and then give them then give them the courage to walk in that light. Amen

(Modified from a Richard Foster prayer found in his book *Prayers from the heart)*