“Wonderful Father, I come to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, entering into your presence with thanksgiving and a worshipful heart. My soul will bless you for I know the reason behind my creation, and my heart desires to bring you pleasure. Praising you for your mercy and goodness in my past, offering up to you the sacrifice of praise in my present, and thank you for what you are preparing for my future – it is the joy and purpose of my life. You have chosen me in this generation to show forth your praise, expressing to all how you have called me out of my former darkness into a life filled with light. I know when I praise you I am given access to your very presence. I know that heaven opens up to my life and supernaturally intervenes on my behalf. As I magnify you, my troubles are minimized; as I worship your name, help is on the way. I choose to praise you. I refuse to permit an unthankful heart to interfere with my inheritance. My mind will be filled with thoughts about how good you are. My emotions will release their joy. My body will express itself freely. You alone are God and worthy to be praised, and I will worship none other. Praise is going before me and dealing with every evil tactic and scheme of my enemies. Thank you that I am living under an open heaven, free to praise and worship the One who loves me with an everlasting love. AMEN”.