Praying through God’s name


When you speak about God what name or names do you call Him by?  Do you use different names when you pray, when you offer praise, or even when you sing to Him?  Does your need dictate the name you use?  Does your spiritual or emotional state affect how you connect with Him? 

When Moses first encountered God at the burning bush and was told he was going to free the Israelites, he was a little concerned.  He knew people would question his authority to suggest such an action and so he asked God simply “who shall I tell them sent me?”  God replied, tell the “I AM” sent you and then He told Moses to offer the hint that He was the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob (Exodus 3:13-15).  The Israelites, who depended solely on oral tradition of their faith, would have known whom Moses was referring to and what He offered.        

Most of us use a bible translation that is written in our own vernacular and as such only recognize and utilize a limited number of names that have been given to God.  This is somewhat unfortunate because He has names that offer insight into His character and nature and can affect our relationship with Him.  Did you know that scripture reveals more than 85 different names for God?  These names are ones given to Him based on the way He responded to the needs of the people. Our needs do not differ much from those of the early Israelites or new church and His character has definitely not changed.  It is an enlightening experience to communicate with God and align our intention to His character.  When we communicate with all of God, we can begin to recognize where He fits into our lives and the lives of those we pray for.

We invite you to join us daily to pray using a different variation of God’s name each day.  Prayers will be posted daily on FACEBOOK, however for those who are not on FACEBOOK, you can go to the MCF web page and follow along as prayer will be posted a week at a time.  The idea would be to read the description, reflect on it and then offer the prayer.  Hopefully, you will keep God’s name and meaning in your mind all day and as you go about your life, God may reveal Himself to you using that trait.  

If you have a request for yourself or for someone, please share with us and we will ensure our prayer team get on board and pray.  Requests can be sent  from our website and are kept confidential.