Member of the MCF participating in the annual Army Run.

Last Sunday, 17 September, several members of the Ottawa chapter of the MCF participated in the annual Army Run.  Our goal was to help raise funds for the Soldier On program, to interact with members of the military community, to get some exercise and in doing all this, bring a smile on the Lord’s face.  By the way, I love to do that, make my Father smile and even laugh with joy over how I serve Him.  Anyway, the day was hot, real hot, like give me a towel and throw ice water on me hot.  Three of us walked the 10 km route as a group, which gave us a better opportunity to talk with people.  We were able to hear people’s stories of how and why they were there.  There was this one guy, Trevor Sanderson, who was wearing shorts and t-shirt, combat boots and carrying a full ruck on his back.  On the back of his ruck was a sign that stated:

“I’m walking across Canada to raise awareness to low income families, seniors, vets and first responders with PTSD.”

I spoke with Trevor and found out that he had started walking in Newfoundland in the spring and was headed for BC. He told me about how he was injured while serving in the military and about his struggle with PTSD.  Trevor explained to me that his struggles had led him to become concerned for other folks who suffered the effects of PTSD. As I listened to Trevor, it was obvious that his compassion for others was profound.  He had been offered a job in Alberta at $44/hour, but opted to live on the street so that he could find others who themselves had become homeless, and then help them to get connected to VETS Canada, a non-profit that helps homeless vets get off the street. I explained to him who I was and that I too was on a mission to the military community, to bring the gospel.  But as I have been reflecting on my encounter with Trevor this week, I am humbled by Trevor’s passion, conviction, and sacrifice for people he doesn’t know, but who need the message of hope that Trevor brings.  Trevor has a Facebook page “CANADIANS joining with CANADIANS,” so you may want to check it out.

Mark 2:16-17 records Jesus’ encounter with the scribes who were Pharisees when they criticized Jesus for eating with tax collectors and sinners.  Jesus’ response to their criticism was “it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.  I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”  Jesus went to the outcasts of society, bringing to them the good news.  Trevor, like Jesus is going to the outcasts of the military community, and while he does not preach the gospel to them, he is trying to bring hope.  Would you pray for Trevor and for those who Trevor meets?

Until All 

Gerry Potter
Colonel (Ret’d)