MCF – Saturday morning prayer

MCF - PRAYER MORNING EVENT 2017-01-24 at 11.46.34 AM

You are invited to join us in Ottawa on Saturday, January 28, 9:00, for a morning of prayer to conclude the AMCF week of prayer. Please contact the MCF office to RSVP and get the address.

If you are not able to join us in Ottawa, please connect with your local MCF group or a few believers in your area who can join you in praying over the Canadian Armed Forces that same morning, inviting the work of God to increase on the military this year and for all AMCF to be empowered on His mission. If you are able, also consider fasting and praying that day in any way you feel is appropriate in preparation to join in corporate prayer.

The AMCF North American Region’s Week of Prayer

AMCF PRAYER WEEK 2017-01-24 at 11.34.43 AMWeek of Prayer (WOP) From Sunday 22 to Saturday 28 January 2017.

The rationale for this WOP is so that during this week at the start of a New Year our respective Leaders, and the men and women of our Security Forces can be committed to the LORD by Chaplains and MCFs across the entire region, for HIS protection and provision during the course of the Year.

During this week, all MCFs and Chaplains in the region are invited to make time to pray individually and as groups for

– each other

– national, military, security forces, and political leaders

– the well being and salvation of all members of respective forces and their families

They hold outreaches within their respective forces to encourage,evangelize and to pray with and for the needs of force members and to invite MCF members to brief their respective pastors/priests on the WOP and invite them to have special times of prayer in their services to cover their military, police and security forces and their families.  Also we encourage many to visit and pray with shut-ins, hospitalized and confined members of their forces.

We ask that all pray for the needs of other MCFs and Forces in the North American Region.

Please note Nestor Ogilvie will be  visiting the following 4 nations to join them in their activities on dates as shown below:

Grenada – Sun 22 Jan am

Barbados -Sun 22 Jan pm to Tues 24 Jan pm

St Vincent and the Grenadines – Tues 24 Jan pm to Thurs 26 Jan pm

St Lucia  – Thurs 26 Jan pm to Sunday 29 Jan pm.

May heaven be bombarded from every corner of the region on behalf of our men and women in uniform and their families, our military and national leaders and our forces as we join together in prayer.

2017 – GOALS


Last month, On November 11th and 12th, the MCF held its first spiritual retreat in conjunction with the annual general meeting.  The intent was to come together in the name of Jesus, stop our busy routines, worship, fellowship, reflect upon the Word, listen and pray.  The hope that prompted the retreat was that we would encounter the Lord in a tangible way.  We were not disappointed.

The two-day retreat began with a prayer breakfast at the National House of Prayer.  Next, all those gathered, walked to the National War Memorial to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony.  After the ceremony, folks fellowshipped over lunch.  Beginning in the afternoon of the 11th and running until the afternoon of the 12th we followed a pattern of: orientation, silent prayer, scripture reading and meditation, then communal reflection upon what each person learned and experienced during their contemplative time with the Lord.  The retreat was based upon two words: disciple and disciple-making. When the group reviewed the results of the communal reflection period several themes became obvious, which together provided direction for the MCF.

In Matthew 18 Jesus responded to what in military terms could be called “careerism.”  Careerism occurs in various degrees, but the central issue is the pursuit of a mission for the primary purpose of advancing one’s career, one’s self interests.  The disciples came to Jesus and asked Him “who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”  Wow, it’s difficult to believe that they could be so bold, so presumptuous as to ask such a question.  Yet, I appreciate their honesty.  Who hasn’t sought to be elevated?  The military’s personnel evaluation system is dedicated to elevating people and most members are assimilated into its thinking, but the mindset is counter-Kingdom.  Jesus’ response is to point to a child as the standard for greatness: humble, trusting and obedient.  While Jesus continued to amplify His point, it is verse 20 that reflects part of what the Lord was communicating to us at the spiritual retreat – “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them”.

The MCF’s mission is to bring the gospel to the military community.  Ok, then how?  Should we hold regional evangelistic meetings?  Should we preach on street corners?  Should we produce all sorts of printed material and distribute it door-to-door?  Should we knock on doors, should we host MCF events?  How people and organizations have communicated the gospel is diverse; however, the direction to the MCF reflects Matthew 18:20.  Small groups of two or three people are the core of how the MCF is to bring the gospel.  One-on-one disciple-making and discipleship.  While the MCF operates within a military culture, which is personified by a hierarchy of authority, the MCF is a network of small, and some would say very small, groups in which one member disciples another.  The group needs to be singularly focused on following Jesus together.

So, over the next year there are five simple goals that I would like each of us to pursue together:
  1. Every member is in an MCF small group (2-3 people – sometimes more);
  2. Every member understands who Jesus is and how to become one of his disciples;
  3. Every member can confidently present their testimony of faith in Jesus;
  4. Every member can confidently explain how to become a follower of Jesus;
  5. Every member is active in praying regularly for at least one unsaved family member or friend.
Jesus wants us to disciple others as we go about our lives.  The pursuit and achievement of these five goals will enable each of us to fulfill His call on our lives.  Pursuing these goals together within the military community will enable us to achieve the MCF mission.

Until All
Gerry Potter
Colonel (Ret’d)

The Grey Cup Breakfast – Saturday 26 Nov 8:00 AM


The Grey Cup Breakfast is a fun-filled, entertaining event produced by Athletes in Action for over 35 years and takes place the day before the big game.

As a way to show appreciation for those who have provided military service to Canada, fellow Canadians have made a limited number of tickets available for currently serving military personnel and veterans to attend the Grey Cup Breakfast on a “first come, first served” basis – advanced reservations only.  (Members of the public may purchase tickets at ) Dress for military personnel – service dress with ribbons, for veterans – blazer and tie associated with your veterans organization.

Military personnel and veterans may have their name assigned to a “will hold” reserve ticket – contact Major (retired) Wes Bowers, Military Liaison Officer for AIA  at (A wait-list will be established. Also, contact me if you would like to contribute to make more complimentary tickets available.)

The Athletes in Action Grey Cup breakfast morning offers much more than just a good meal; the event provides the opportunity to win valuable CFL autographed merchandise, be entertained by local performers and hear from CFL players, coaches and wives from the two competing teams in Sunday’s Grey Cup game.

Each speaker in their own way have inspired, encouraged, and challenged people to live a life of destiny, courage and meaning. They have also contributed to the primary objective of the Grey Cup Breakfast: to provide a message of hope, courage and faith to those who have none.

Grey Cup Breakfast

Saturday, November 26th at 8:00 AM.

Sheraton Centre Hotel – Osgood Ballroom

123 Queen Street West

Toronto, Ontario M5H 2M9


Information for our Spiritual Retreat in Ottawa



It is our desire that all attending will be empowered by the Holy Spirit.  Please find the information below to help you pray for our men and women during our time together..

Friday, 11 November, 2016.

7:00 am Prayer Breakfast – see Prayer Practices below.

National Remembrance Day Service
  • National War Memorial – Wellington St, Ottawa
  • Army, Navy , Air Force Mess; or Chateau Laurier
1:30 pm Afternoon Session


Saturday, 12 November, 2016.

9:00 am Morning Session

  • Greenbelt Church
Lunch – Greenbelt Church
1:00 pm – MCF AGM
  • Greenbelt Church
6:30 pm – Evening Service


Join us in prayer, Remembrance Day 2016.
This morning many are joined together at the National House of Prayer at the start of our Spiritual Retreat.  Praying for our Nation and the Military Community.
  • In accordance with 1 Tim 2:1-3 – please pray for the Government of Canada, the military’s leadership at all levels from the Chief of the Defence to the corporal, that God would give His wisdom either through His children who serve as MPs or through influencing them who do not yet know Him.
  • In accordance with Matt 28:18-20 – please pray that Christians who serve in the military community would understand their calling to make disciples who make disciples and then walk in the fullness of this calling with love and respect.
  • In accordance with Col 3:23-24 – please pray that military Christians would serve well and in so doing bring honour and glory to God.
  • In accordance with Gal 6:10 – please pray that military Christians would serve their local church with the gifts that the Lord has given them and in so doing bring honour and glory to God.
  • In accordance with Matt 28:18-20 and Acts 13:2-3 – please pray for the Canadian Church that she would recognized the Canadian military community as a unique domestic mission field and commission faith-filled military community believers to be their missionaries into the military community.

Until All

Gerry Potter
Colonel (Ret’d)
Military Christian Fellowship of Canada/

Fraternité Chrétienne Militaire du Canada

Update to the MCF Spiritual Retreat and AGM 2016

A reminder to set aside a few days to join us for our first annual spiritual retreat in Ottawa, which will coincide with our annual general meeting. On Friday, November 11th, there will be an MCF prayer breakfast at 7:00 am at the National House of Prayer, 17 Myrand Ave, Ottawa, ON. K1N 5N7, which will be followed by attendance at the National Remembrance Day Ceremony in downtown Ottawa.  Lunch is available at the Chateau Laurier, or at various Messes in Ottawa. For information on these, please contact the MCF office.
In the afternoon, beginning at 1:30 pm, at Greenbelt Church, 839 Shefford Rd Ottawa, we will spend time reflecting upon Jesus’ call to us to make disciples.  The session will start with a tutorial on disciple-making and then continue with individual prayer and meditation on the Scriptures.  We will then come together again to share what the Lord has been communicating to us individually.  We will close the day at approximately 5:30 pm. 
On Saturday, November 12th, a small change in the schedule, we will recommence at 9:00 am with prayer and worship.  Snack and coffee will be served and in our second session we will consider the concept of discipleship.  Following a similar agenda to the previous afternoon, we anticipate ending the session at 12:00 and then share lunch together, which will be provided.  The annual general meeting will commence at 1:00 pm.
Please reply to this email if the Spirit leads you to join us in Ottawa.  As we get closer to the weekend of the spiritual retreat, more details will be forth coming.
Life is busy, there are many demands to which we must respond.  God knows this and He gives us strength to endure, but He also instructs us to stop, listen, and pray.  Take time to be still and know that He is God.  I invite you to come and stop together on the 1st annual MCF spiritual retreat.

1st Annual MCF Spiritual Retreat


Life is busy. 

Early in my military career I was an operator and I loved it. Every day featured one drama or another, problem solving, decision-making, learning, training etc. Life was like surfing. However, in the midst of my second tour, my CO it was time for me to train to become a staff officer. Gag! I knew staff officers, my occupation had its share and what I saw was operators who were stuck behind a desk longing to get back into operations. Yet, the CO is the CO and his intent was my mission, so off to the staff course I went. Gratefully, the course was interesting. We learned about current and anticipated events from excellent guest speakers, we learned from each other about the various operations that the military was conducting and we learned what was on the hearts and minds of senior leaders as they shared their stories and intents. And yes, we also learned how to be good desk jockeys. 

One of the most startling lessons was that staff officers are in a constant state of overload. Always more to do than time permitted. The staff work was relentless and the inbox was constantly in a state of overflowing. I and the rest of my colleges endured the course, all the while thinking that there is no way that staff officers had this much work. 

I returned to my unit, back to operations, glad I had done my duty and I could put that course behind me. However, one year later the posting message arrived and I was assigned a staff position in Ottawa. My family was excited to go to the Nation’s capital, but I mourned leaving operations. My new role as a staff officer started somewhat slowly, for about a week, and then, what my instructors had stated, came true –overload. It was relentless. My time as a young operator was over. 

Life as a military member is generally like that, too much to do and not enough time to do it. If it isn’t work, it is family responsibilities, and if it isn’t family it is the varied volunteer activities we naturally participate in and lead. Thank God for the energy He gives us to maintain the pace of life we find ourselves in. Yet, God also gave us direction to Stop! Spend time with Him. Psalm 46:10 states “Be still and know that I am God.” 

Some of us have learned to stop and spend time with God, even practicing this spiritual discipline daily. But, it is hard to carve out that time. Time with God in not just an obedient response to God’s command, it is exactly what He designed it to be, it is refreshing, spiritually refreshing. Once you have experienced it, you can’t wait to be back in His presence, quietly meditating on God and His Word, hearing Him speak to you. And then sharing your experience with others who are on the journey with you. Just like sleep, our souls need to be still and know that God is God. 

To this end, the MCF will conduct its first annual spiritual retreat in Ottawa to coincide with the annual general meeting. On Friday, November 11th, there will be an MCF prayer breakfast, which will be followed by attendance at the National Remembrance Day Ceremony in downtown Ottawa. Lunch is available at the Chateau Laurier, or at the various Messes. 

In the afternoon, beginning at 1:30 pm, at Greenbelt Church, we will spend time reflecting upon the Jesus’ call to us to make disciples. The session will start with a tutorial on disciple-making and then continue with individual prayer and meditation on the scriptures that discuss the concept. We will then come together again to share what the Lord has been communicating to us individually. We will close the day at approximately 5:30 pm. 

On Saturday, November 12th we will recommence at 8:30 am with prayer and worship. Our second session will consider the concept of discipleship. Following a similar agenda to the previous afternoon, we anticipate ending the session at 12:30 and then share lunch together before we begin the annual general meeting. 

As we get closer to the weekend of the spiritual retreat, more details will be forth coming, yet in the meantime I welcome your thoughts on this initiative. 

Life is busy, there are many demands to which we must respond. God knows this and he gives us strength to endure, but He also instructs us to Stop! Take time to be still and know that He is God. I invite you to come and stop together on the 1st annual MCF spiritual retreat.

Journées nationales de prière UMCF – 19 et 20 Février 2016

(English text below)


Prions les uns pour les autres.UMCF 2016-02-19 at 7.23.45 AM (2)


Persévérons dans la prière pour toutes les forces de police, de gendarmerie et les militaires engagés dans la mission de protection et de surveillance “Sentinelle” sur notre territoire. Que Dieu renouvèle leur forces physiques et apaise les tensions.

  • Continuons de prier pour les autorités civiles et militaires de notre pays, de nos régions et villes respectives, comme nous le demande le Seigneur, afin que le Seigneur leur donne de la sagesse pour gouverner tant au plan national, qu’international.
  • Persévérons dans la prière pour un réveil en France, dans nos armées et nos institutions.
  • N’oublions pas nos aumôniers ainsi que nos frères et sœurs en mission sur les divers théâtres d’opérations (Mali-Sahel, Centrafrique, Tchad, Liban et au large de la Syrie et en Océan Indien). Que le Seigneur les protège et leur donne d’être des témoins fidèles et bouillants là où ils sont. Qu’Il console et garde aussi leur famille durant ce temps de séparation.
  • Continuons de Soutenir dans la prière les aumôniers dans leur ministère, souvent éprouvés dans leur foyer ou dans leur corps. Que le Seigneur renouvèle leurs forces, leur santé et bénisse leur famille.
  • Prions pour que Dieu suscite d’autres ouvriers ayant à cœur l’aumônerie aux armées, pour assurer la relève des aumôniers partant en retraite.
  • Prions pour la préparation de l’Assemblée Générale de l’UMCF le 30 avril à Ventabren, qui verra aussi la célébration des 30 ans d’existence de l’association.
  • Prions pour la préparation du 64ème Rassemblement International Militaire Protestant qui aura lieu du 18/06 au 21/06/16 à Méjannes-le-Clap. Que Dieu qualifie et renouvèle les forces de l’équipe chargée de cette lourde organisation.
  • Prions pour le déroulement de la rencontre annuelle européenne des Union Miliaires Chrétiennes qui se tiendra en Allemagne ce week-end. Que ces temps de rassemblement soient des temps de bénédiction et d’encouragement pour chacune des UMC représentées.
  • Prions pour que le Seigneur œuvre au travers des cellules de prières qui ont lieu dans les différentes unités ou ville de garnison. Que d’autres puissent être mises sur pieds, car elles sont le moteur de l’UMCF.
  • Que le Seigneur encourage et renouvelle tous ceux qui sont isolés spirituellement dans leur unité ou géographiquement d’une église. Que le Seigneur puisse faire affecter un autre chrétien dans leur unité, ou qu’ils puissent trouver un ou des équipiers de prières dans les alentours proches.
UMCF 2016-02-19 at 7.23.45 AM (2)
UMCF National Days of prayer. February 19 & 20 2016

Let’s join our brothers and sisters from UMCF “L’Union des Militaires Chrétiens de France” as they focus on praying for the members with national authority, for those responsible for the security of the country, the police and the armed forces.  May we join them and ask the Lord all Mighty for renewed strength, discernment and endurance for all.


  • Pray that the UMCF be open to the Holy Spirit and will understand the Lord’s leadings and promptings as we pray for issues and people.
  • Pray that the Lord will speak through scripture, words and pictures and visions.
  • Pray people will come and intercede for all Nations in the name of our Lord Jesus-Christ.
  • Pray for revival in France, for the Armed Forces and the institutions.
  • Pray for the chaplains as well as our brothers and sisters on mission throughout different operations such as in Mali-Sahel, Central Africa, Tchad, Liban and nearby Syria and the Indian Ocean.   May God protect them and give them opportunities to be faithful witnesses in the midst of their mission.  Pray for God’s comfort during this time of separation from their families.
  • Pray God would renew the strength of the serving chaplains and bring others to fill the need from those who are retiring from their post.
  • Pray for the National Assembly being held on the 30 April, in Ventabren.  They will be celebrating 30 years of existence of the UMCF association.
  • Pray for the 64th International Protestant Military Reunion coming 18 to 21 June at Mejannes-leClap.  May this reunion bring glory to God and may He give wisdom to the organizers.
  • Pray for a good meeting of the annual European UMC held in Germany this weekend.  May they be encouraged and blessed as they reconnect with each other and God.
  • Pray God comes close to those who are isolated spiritually in their units or geographically distant from any church or assembly.

“Breakfast event in Vancouver, BC” 15 January, 2016

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The Human Behind the Mission: A Rare Glimpse into Canada’s Armed Forces @ The Vancouver Club

Many ex-Armed Forces personnel say that there is no career more challenging or rewarding than serving in the Forces –  the privilege of defending our country, being part of history-making events, and helping those in need – both in Canada and around the world.

At this January breakfast City in Focus will be inviting a panel of people who have served in the Armed Forces.  Their life, their service and the role that their faith has played in their career will be discussed.

The breakfast discussion will be followed by ‘Continuing the Conversation’ post-breakfast session. Please consider staying on at the Club and joining some of the City in Focus staff and panelists for a further time of conversation around the topic.  So if you have some extra time please join everyone for the extended program. The post-breakfast discussion group will conclude at 10am.

“Breakfast event in Vancouver, BC”

January 15, 2016 @ 7:00 am – 8:30 am
The Vancouver Club
915 W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC V6C
COST:  $36.80
Nathaniel Bentley   604-687-7292 or by    Email
This Breakfast is hosted by City in Focus