“The MCF War Room”

In 1st Timothy Paul writes to his protégé telling him to stay in Ephesus and intervene with those who were teaching false doctrine.  In Ephesus, there were teacher-wanna-bees who, as Paul describes them, were fully confident of their worldly viewpoints and sought to communicate their heresy.  It is clear from Paul’s instruction that there were many who taught error and shipwrecked not only their faith, but the faith of others.  Two thousand years later, such circumstances continue.

There is a popularized phrase that one can hear used by various personalities, both national and international, that being “fake news.”  Fake news isn’t new.  It existed when the gospel was first being proclaimed.  Paul’s council to Timothy is as applicable to you and me as it was when Timothy was in Ephesus.  So, I want us to take note of the specific action step that Paul gave to Timothy.

In Chapter 2 Paul states:

“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Saviour, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.”

Paul’s first line of offense was petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving so that all people (that’s everyone) would be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. The objective is not to be a better debater than the fake-news artist, but it is to know Christ and to make Him known.  The first means by which to attain that objective is through the spiritual weapon called prayer.

Prayer? Yes prayer!

In chapter 5 of James, the author also discusses the weapon of prayer and what is accomplished when it is welded by a person who is right with God.  It is powerful and effective.  Ordinary Christ-followers who have prayed in faith have witnessed and experienced the intervention of the Living God, who desires to answer their prayers as they intercede for others. Recently, a film entitled “The War Room” dramatically presented prayer as a weapon of spiritual warfare that when use by the Christ-follower results in spiritual breakthroughs.  Prayer is not a repetition of some magical incantation, rather it is a conversation with our Lord expressing our thanks to Him, raising matters of spiritual and practical needs on our own behalves and the behalves of others.  Jesus taught us repeatedly (Matt 18:19; 21:22; Mark 11:24; John 14:13; 15:7; 15:16; and 16:23) that we are to present our requests, our concerns, and our hopes for the spread of the gospel.  This is what we intend to do.

During the past several months, a number of MCF members have been gathering together to pray for the military community.  The objects of our prayers have been for political and military leaders; for churches that seek to minister to the military community and for individuals within that community.  We are seeing and hearing of positive developments within those areas that we pray for.  We get it – prayer works.  So, beginning on 21 October, the Ottawa group of the MCF will live-stream on Facebook what we have entitled “The MCF War Room.”  We have chosen to live-stream the event so that you may observe, be inspired to do the same and participate either in praying with us or by submitting your prayer requests to us, which we will immediately pray for.  The focus of our prayer will generally remain the same, the Canadian military community and the proclamation of Jesus throughout.  Exact timings, and other details will be communicated to you in the following weeks.

I admit that I am nervous and a bit intimidated at where the Lord is leading us, but more than that I am excited to see what He will do.  The men, women, and families of the military community need Jesus; our mission is to bring His good news of relationship with him to this community; will you join us in the War Room?

Until All 

Gerry Potter
Colonel (Ret’d)

WAR ROOM 2 December 2017

Members and staff of the MCF have been interceding in prayer for the Canadian military community throughout 2017. We are so excited now as we are taking this ministry public.

Join us on Saturday, 2 December, 10:00-11:00EST on a Facebook Live video broadcast as we intercede before God in response to your requests submitted via email or Facebook during the live event. We will pray for specific requests involving people (including yourselves), workplaces and circumstances connected to the Canadian Armed Forces military community.

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Prayer practices May 2017

MCF - RECENT ARTICLES 2016-11-04 at 6.45.15 AM

*Praise/thanksgiving* Praise God for…

  • His provision, encouragement, and the developing vision for the MCF
  • Those who lead and participate in Bible studies in the military for God’s glory in the workplace
  • Those who support the MCF in prayer, finances and wise counsel
  • Opportunities to show love to colleagues within the Canadian military in Jesus’ name, both in action and by sharing the gospel of hope
Include your own praise items & thanksgiving…


*Petition* Ask God to…

  • Heal those in the MCF with injuries and disease of every kind (physical, emotional, psychological, etc.)
  • Provide discernment for and empowerment to act on His unique desires for and leading of the MCF
  • Move believers in the military to desire and seek unity and authentic, Jesus-focused camaraderie with each other
  • Empower believers already in the military to step into the Great Commission of making disciples of Jesus
  • Encourage, refresh and equip those already in leadership in the MCF
  • Raise up more unified, Spirit-empowered, humble leaders and disciplers within the MCF
  • Richly provide time and financial resources for the MCF and its staff and volunteers for training, teaching, etc.
  • Prepare the MCF as a vessel of unity, such that its membership base grows as a reflection of the Spirit’s work drawing believers together for the Great Commission
  • Create and protect excellent relationships between the MCF and the military chaplaincy and local churches
  • Move local churches to catch a vision and desire to intentionally minister to the military community with love and respect for the people and for other churches who are doing the same
  • Provide opportunities, bold witnesses and open hearts for the gospel to reach and be received by every person working in the Canadian military
  • Bring many in the military community to Jesus this year
  • Include prayers as the Spirit leads for the MCF, CAF, and your local workplace/ community…

Quarterly Saturday Morning Prayer Gathering

prayer march 2017

Please join us in Ottawa for another MORNING OF PRAYER to keep walking in what God began at the January prayer meeting.  Contact the MCF office to RSVP for more information.

If you are not able to join us in Ottawa, connect with your local MCF group (see list of groups below)  or a few believers in your area who can join you in praying over the Canadian Armed Forces and your unique workplaces that same morning, inviting the work of God to increase among us this year. and for us and other believers to be empowered on His mission.  If you are able, consider fasting in any way you feel is appropriate in preparation to join in corporate prayer.    Here are some specific items to pray for during our MCF prayer morning to more tightly unite our prayers across Canada.  Take time to read the report from the January prayer meeting for your encouragement and invitation to participate in what God is doing.

Immanuel – God is with us

AMCF prayer week 2017-01-18

On Saturday, 28 January, the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian MCF met for prayer. During the past week MCF groups of various countries across North America, the Caribbean and South America also held prayer meetings. These groups, who represent various nationalities, cultures and faith traditions were unified in prayer to the Lord. While there were unique prayers offered for specific localized needs and desires, there was unity of desire that the Lord to pour out His Spirit on His children to enable them to bring the gospel to their fellow military community members.

I need to pause as I write this, to try to appreciate what has happened and is happening. Christ followers of such diversity in unison praying for God to move in His people to enable them to accomplish Matthew 28:18-20. In John 17 Jesus’ prayer to the Father is recorded. Jesus asked on behalf of all those who would become His disciples that they would be one; even as Jesus and the Father are one so that: believers could be in Jesus and the Father; and so that the world may believe in Jesus.

I am in awe. For those of us who came together in Ottawa on Saturday we did so not with a grand strategy to fulfill Jesus’ prayer, but simply because we heard of other MCFs in other countries praying and we were moved to join in the initiative. So, we came together and we prayed and we fellowshipped and we experienced unity in the faith. I am humbled, I am grateful, and I am hopeful for the work of Christ through the members of the MCF in Canada in their joint efforts to obey Jesus by joining Him in His mission to make disciples. In Isaiah 7 it is recorded that Jesus would be born of a virgin and he would be called “Immanuel,” which means “God is with us.” In Matthew 28:18-20, after Jesus gives the apostles their mission, which is the mission that all followers of Jesus have been given, Jesus said “…I am with you, always, to the very end of the age.”

Members of MCFs across the Northern and Southern hemispheres are coming together in unified prayer asking for the Lord to do exactly what is His will, surrendering themselves to His working in them. God is with us. Is there any more evidence that we need? Is there anything else that is more worthy of our efforts than to be in unity pursing His mission?

I am profoundly grateful for the indescribable privilege to be part of the Lord’s mission, and to see the unity that He is creating among the members of the multiple national MCFs who are singularly focused on bringing the gospel to the military community. If you are reading this and you sense the Lord calling you to be part of His mission into the unique culture of the military community, please contact us. Immanuel – God is with us.

Until All 

Gerry Potter

Colonel (Ret’d)


Petawawa Prayer Meeting – October 2015

“For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”
– Matthew 25:29

  1. PRAISE GOD for Calvary Baptist (our ‘Mother Church’) for recognizing the need for establishing a new church family in Pet!
  2. Pray for our very first weekend worship service this coming Sunday, November 1; that we would face little difficulty in setting up new equipment, in a new room, in a new way, for the first time.
  3. Pray for our families from CBC who will be embarking upon this journey with Trailhead with many leaving behind caring friends, may we quickly build and establish strong relationships with one another.
  4. Pray for the strengthening of marriages in Petawawa, many of which face regular stress and strain, affecting everyone in the family.
  5. Pray that this new church work in Petawawa would be focused not upon ‘ourselves,’ but upon reaching out to the local community to share about the saving work of Christ.
  6. Pray for Calvary Baptist Church, that God and the Holy Spirit would replenish their numbers; and continue to inspire their church family to look outwards to impact others with the love of Christ.
  7. Pray for Steph as she plans and prepares for launching a new Sunday morning children’s ministry for the Trailhead Church Family.
  8. Pray for our Trailhead family, that everyone would find a place where they could volunteer and use their personal gifts to serve others.
  9. Pray for Pastor Tim and David Meldrum as they jointly seek to guide and lend leadership to the Trailhead Church family.

Pastor Tim Roddick:   timroddick@bellnet.ca     613-401-8841

Call it “favour & power of God’s Spirit”

Zachariah (2:5) called it a “wall of fire” – Job (1:10) called it an “hedge” – King David (Psalm 91:4) called it a “shield and rampart” – Isaiah (51:16) called it a “covering.” MCF – it is the favour and power of God’s Spirit that we write about on these pages. We desire to cement hearts in prayer as we invoke the prayer covering of Almighty God for the military men and women of this country.

It’s time MCF to wield a weapon the world does not understand as we wage war for the eternity of our military brothers and sisters. E.M. Bounds stated “The more praying there is in the world the better the world will be, the mightier the forces against evil.”

Will you pray goodness and grace into someone’s life today? Will you share their name with God and claim them for Him?

Ongoing themes we are praying for.

  1. That the Lord would raise an army of intercessors that will stand in the gap for the Canadian Forces. We desire to have 24-7 prayer covering over our troops. Lord open, the eyes of the nation!
  2. Putting Bibles in the hands of soldiers. PRAISE!, the Bibles are being distributed in Afghanistan and they are being read by the soldiers.
  3. Revival in the bases across the nation, from Sea to Sea and to the ends of the earth. Pray also for connections with local prayer leaders.
  4. The salvation and the protection of the men and women serving abroad, and for their families that remain in Canada. Pray for miraculous deliverance during combat! Pray Psalm 91 and 121!
  5. For the protection of families after deployment. Pray for healing of the families after deployment. This includes parents, spouses and children. These are people who have lost loved ones, or whose loved ones returned injured. Some of these injuries are spiritual, mental, and unseen, these linger and can fester for years. Pray that those injured spiritually will have the strength to come forward and seek help. Pray for the marriages of those returning, for their healthy re-establishment.
  6. The recruitment of chaplains. Pray that the Lord will call men and women of conviction to step forward. Pray that Canadian churches will come to see the Canadian Forces as a mission field. Imagine what the military could be if our soldiers would know Jesus!
  7. Continue to pray for the chaplains that are currently deployed.
  8. Pray that our chaplains will be able to use this opportunity to bring our soldiers to make a choice for salvation.
  9. Pray that the soldiers’ turning to the Lord will NOT fade once our soldiers return to their safe and comfortable world at home.
  10. Pray they will be touched by God, to be like John the Baptist within the military. With this we mean that they will “prepare the way for the Lord”, that they will move in the power of true faith in Christ.
  11. Pray that they will bring this faith home as the seeds for true revival in the Canadian Forces.
  12. Pray that our soldiers will be able to use this newfound faith as a basis upon which to re-establish their marriages, and their families.
  13. Pray for prayer groups to start on each base, for the chosen people to have a vision from God, for their stepping out.
  14. We receive many requests of mothers asking for prayer for their sons and daughters preparing for deployment or deployed. Lift them up in prayer!
  15. Pray for the spread of the Gospel in the military community around the Globe.


  • Pray that the soldiers’ turning to the Lord will NOT fade once our soldiers return to their safe and comfortable world at home.
  • We receive many requests of mothers asking for prayer for their sons and daughters preparing for deployment or deployed. Lift them up in prayer!
  • Pray for the spread of the Gospel in Afghanistan.